Thursday, December 8, 2016

Radio Mi Amigo (via Trincomalee)

A special Radio Mi Amigo broadcast, targeting Asia, Australia, China and Japan, will air on Friday, 9 December 2016, from 10 till 11 UTC, on 11.730 kHz. For this purpose, the 125-kilowatt Trincomalee (Sri Lanka) transmitter site will be utilised.

Radio Mi Amigo, broadcasting from Trincomalee, indeed aired on 9 December 2016. This special hour-long broadcast to the Asia-Pacific region, hosted by Capitan Kord, included a selection of classic rock music, including Men at Work - "I Come from the Land Down Under", BeeGees - "Jive Talking", a cover version of Stealers Wheel "Stuck in The Middle With You" and more. A bit of Radio Mi Amigo and off-shore radio history was interspersed between the music and Radio Mi Amigo DJ promos.

Reception on 11.730 kHz rated a SINPO of 55555 -- exceptional on all accounts. HERE's how the Radio Mi Amigo transmission sounded in South East Asia (Malaysia).

Reception report was emailed and submitted online to Radio Mi Amigo on the same day.


Radio Mi Amigo
Avda. de Europa 85, Urb.La Marina,
03177 San Fulgencio, Alicante,

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Voice of Turkey

Voice of Turkey, transmitting from Emirler (Turkey) to Europe, was logged on 7 December 2016, under poor to fair conditions. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 6.050 kHz rated a (SINPO) of 24432 -- weak and fading signal, but with audible and discernible speech noted.

This English language programme, from 19.30 till 20.22 UTC, included Turkish and regional news, review of Turkish press and foreign media reports about Turkey, followed by feature programmes "Turkey in a Nutshell", "Turkish Fairy Tales" and "Question of Month", and concluded with a selection of Turkish pop songs before transmission closed.

Reception report was emailed the following day to Voice of Turkey.


Radio Tirana

Radio Tirana, transmitting from Shijak (Albania) to Europe, was logged on 7 December 2016, under extremely poor conditions. Reception on 7.465 kHz registered a deplorable (SINPO) rating of 13421 -- weak signal, deep fading, mixing with utility transmission, but nevertheless audible in LSB mode, and only in SSB. Insomuch as this transmission was intended for Europe, it is only natural conditions were so poor.

In any event, an Italian language broadcast of contemporary Albanian pop music was observed in the last 15 minutes of their 30 minute programme, from 19.15 till 19.27 UTC (broadcast time 19.00 till 19.27 UTC). Two or three vocal songs were noted.

Reception report was emailed to various Radio Tirana personnel and the station itself.


QSLs in ihe Mail

Today, three QSL cards arrived in the mail: Voice of Turkey, Radio Taiwan International and All India Radio Leh. The latter verification is a follow-up confirmation received from Spectrum Management & Synergy. Radio Taiwan International confirmed a report submitted in November. And, Voice of Turkey verified a report sent in October. Thank you very much, one and all.

Monday, December 5, 2016

WRMI / AWR Wavescan / JSWC / Frequencia al Dia (via Okeechobee)

WRMI, transmitting from Okeechobee, Florida (USA),  was received on 5 December 2016.The programmes AWR Wavescan, JSWC (Japan Short Wave Club) DX Report and Frequencia al Dia were observed from 23.15 till 23.45 UTC. Reception on 9.955 kHz during much of the broadcast was (SINPO) 25432 -- weak but audible and occasionally clear content, despite atmospheric noise which increased as grey-line disappeared after 23.45 UTC.

AWR Wavescan, produced by Dr. Adrian Peterson and hosted by Jeff White,  highlighted an excerpt from Radrio Habana Cuba on the passing of Fidel Castro, then announced the results of the last AWR/Wavescan Contest.  After JSWC DX Report, Jeff White followed with a report on the "QSL Letter of the Week" from Detroit. Afterwards, the Miami group Aden performed "Noche de Paz" (Silent Night), followed by contact details for WRMI and AWR/Wavescan. The programme closed with an old WNYW interval and tagged WRMI station ID. This is apropos, considering WRMI, WFYR and WNYW have an interrelated history. This content was noted from 23.15 till 23.30 UTC.

JSWC (Japan Short Wave Club) DX Report, featured during the AWR Wavescan programme and hosted by Yukiko Tsuji, announced the special broadcast for the DSCI (Danish Shortwave Club International) schedule via WRMI and SLBC (Sri Lanka), then shortwave logs from JSWC members, i.e. Vatican Radio, RHC, Brazil, were mentioned, and finally Yukiko announced JSWC QSL and contact  details. This content was observed from 23.20 till 23.25 UTC.

Frequencia al Dia, a Spanish language DX programme, presented by Dino Bloise, began at 23.30 UTC. One of his reports dealt with La Historia de Radio Antillas, a bit of music and more DX news was heard until atmospheric noise degraded signal to just barely audible content. After 23.45 UTC, transmission disappeared under noise.

Reception reports were emailed to WRMI, AWR Wavescan, JSWC and Frequencia al Dia, all on the previous day.

Email: (WRMI) (JSWC) (AWR Wavescan)  (Frequencia al Dia)

Sunday, December 4, 2016

DSWCI - The Last AGM Broadcast (via Trincomalee)

Danish Shortwave Club International will cease at the end of 2016. To mark the occasion -- incidentally on their 60th Anniversary -- Robert Kipp from Rhein-Main-Radio-Club (Germany) produced a one-hour shortwave programme entitled “DSWCI - the Last AGM”. It aired from SLBC (Trincomalee), WRMI (Okeechobee) and Shortwave Service (Yerevan) on various dates and times to Europe, Japan, Asia, Australia, North America, Eastern North America, the Caribbean and South America.

For my part, I monitored the "DSWCI - The Last AGM" broadcast from Trincomalee (Sri Lanka) on 4 December 2016. An English language broadcast, consisting of interviews of DSWCI members and guests at this last AGM, mixed with nostalgia and a Danish folk song that was part of the club's history, was observed from 10.00 till 11.00 UTC. Reception on 11.730 UTC was (SINPO) 54545 -- strong signal, clear audio and minor fading. Despite these conditions, reception was good. Despite these conditions, reception was good.This was certainly an improvement over the Trincomalee transmission of 3 December, and hasten to add for obvious reasons; it was beamed specifically to India, Middle East and Europe, not eastern Asia, Pacific and Americas.

HERE's an excerpt from this broadcast.

Reception report was emailed and posted to RMRC on the same day. This eQSL arrived on 7 December 2016.


Postal address:
Postfach 70 08 49,
D-60558  Frankfurt  /  Main, 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Radio Sylvia* (via Rohrbach)

Radio Sylvia* via Channel 292 in Rohrbach (Germany) was received on 3 December 2016. A special "Veitstanz" broadcast of Punk/Metal/Rock music leading up to Christmas, hosted by DJs Brewford T. Justice with Mark Andersen, was monitored from 17.25 till 18.10 UTC. Reception on 6.070 kHz was (SINPO) 44544 -- strong and clear signal, despite QRM from co-channel interference (CRI) and minor fading. Transmission worsened after 18.00 UTC, when CRI more or less dominated the frequency.

Reception report was emailed on the same day.


Radio Sylvia
P.O. Box 90 23 49
D-21057 Hamburg

*Logged using a remote SDR receiver linked to the University of Twente (The Netherlands) website and monitored in Malaysia