Monday, August 3, 2015

All India Radio Hyderabad

All India Radio Hyderabad, transmitting from the southern Indian state of Telangana, was logged on 3 August 2015. A Telugu  language broadcast of largely music was observed from 14.45 till 15.15 UTC. Reception  on  4.800 kHz was (SINPO) 22432 --  weak to poor signal with occasional clarity despite severe QRM from China National Radio 1, slight fading and atmospheric noise. Reception would have been better had it not been for CNR1.

Audio sample of this broadcast may be heard HERE.

Reception report was emailed and posted to Spectrum Management on the following day.

Radio Wittereus*

Radio Wittereus* in Holland was logged on 13 June 2015. Pop songs, including Madonna - "Frozen" and Robert Plant - "Big Log", was observed while DJ mentioned  operating at low power, then transmission ended st 19.30 UTC. Reception on 6.375 kHz was (SINPO)  34333.

Reception report was emailed the following day. An eQSL appeared in my inbox on 4 August 2015.

 *Remote SDR receiver at the University of Twente (The Netherlands)

All India Radio Chennai

All India Radio Chennai, transmitting from the Bay of Bengal in the eastern Indian state of the Tamil Nadu, was logged on 3 August 2015. A Tamil language broadcast of dialogue and music was observed from 14.20 till 14.50 UTC. Reception  on 4.920 kHz was (SINPO) 35433 - fair signal with occasional clarity despite fading and atmospheric noise. Music continued to be heard after 15.05 UTC

Audio samples of this broadcast may be heard HERE and HERE.

Reception report was emailed and posted to Spectrum Management on the following day.

Birinchi Radio / Kyrgyz Radio

Birinchi Radio  (Kyrgyz Radio), transmitting from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), was logged on 3 August 2015. A Kyrgyz language broadcast was observed from 13.50 till 14.15 UTC. Interestingly editorial comment in English, mentioning "Taliban" and "Iran", was heard just before 14.00 UTC. Reception 4.010 kHz was (SINPO) 24332 -- weak to poor signal with occasionally clear audio, despite crashing static bursts amid atmospheric noise.

While the audio quality was quite poor, samples of this transmission may be heard HERE and HERE.

Reception report was emailed and posted on the following day. While a QSL remains elusive from Kyrgyz Radio, I shall try once again to obtain their verification.


Tropical Band Log for 3 August 2015

The tropical bands from 13.30 till 15.15 UTC yielded a number of stations transmitting from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan and  North Korea, with the dominant broadcasters being India, followed by China. Latin American stations on the tropical bands are rarely if ever heard in this quarter of the world. Whereas a  few hours later, broadcasters from Africa may be picked up. Interestingly, reception  on 3 August reception was remarkably good across the bands. 73s.

Birinchi Radio  (Kyrgyz Radio) // 4.010 kHz // 24332 // 13.50 UTC with talking in  Kyrgyz and at one point an editorial comment in English

RRI Wamena // 4.870 kHz // 24332 // 15.05 UTC news in Indonesian news presented by female and male announcers
RRI Palangkaraya // 3.325 kHz // 44444 // 13.40 UTC with talking and music in Indonesian

AIR Hyderabad // 4.800 kHz // 32432 // 14.45 UTC with music in Telugu
AIR Lucknow // 4.880 kHz // 24432 // 15.10 UTC with talking in Hindi
AIR Chennai // 4.920 kHz // 35433 // 14.20 UTC with discussion in Tamil
AIR Itanagar mixing with PBS Hunan // 4.990 kHz //  23432 // 15.15 UTC with Hindi music
AIR Jeypor // 5.040 kHz // 24442 // talking from female and male announcers

Friday, July 31, 2015

QSLs for July 2015

NBC Radio New Ireland - Singaut Bilong Drongo (eQSL) transmitting from Kavieng, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea

International Radio Serbia (QSL Card) transmitting  from Bijeljina (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Radio Bahrain relay of Shabab FM (eQSL) transmitting Abu Hayan, Kingdom of Bahrain

 Radio Romania International (QSL Card) transmitting from Tiganesti, Romania

Voice of Vietnam (QSL Card) transmitting from Moosbrunn, Austria

 Voice of Vietnam (QSL Card) transmitting from Woofferton, UK

Voice of Vietnam / Die Stimme Vietnams (QSL Card) transmitting from Dhabbaya, UAE

 Radio Brasil Central* (QSL Card) transmitting from Goiania, Brazil
Trans World Radio (eQSL) transmitting from Moosbrunn, Austria

*Remote SDR receiver at the University of Twente (The Netherlands)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

About Radio New Ireland SW Transmitter

Recently I learned the 10 kW shortwave transmitter of NBC Radio New Ireland in Kavieng, PNG would be phased out.

For many years the station operated on 3.905 kHz, and could be heard occasionally outside New Ireland in regions as far flung as North America, South America, Asia and Europe. I noticed a few months back that  their signal had disappeared, here in South East Asia, and I had thought it was perhaps a seasonal anomaly.

When I received a QSL from Radio New Ireland, just a few days ago, it was the first news I had heard of their imminent closure. On learning this I contacted Michael Samuga, NBC Provincial Radio Network Manager, to enquire about NBC's future plans for Radio New Ireland.

He had this to say about the SW transmitter at Radio New Ireland, "Unfortunately our SW Tx in Kavieng has finally succumbed to age and lack of parts. NBC already has plans to bring back our SW service both on National and Provincial front, but the cost is pretty much a challenge which we will furnish to government for funding on a phased basis. The new SW Tx we are looking at are DRM compatible. As I've said, it's still in plan and I am in no position to give you a timeline".

Hopefully, Radio New Ireland will indeed return to shortwave in the near future, with not only a much stronger signal but for many more years to come.